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USB switches for sharing USB devices between multiple PC's! The USB 2 & 4 Port Sharing Switches will share one device between up to 4 PC's. Use for USB printers, USB zip drives, USB card readers and MORE...

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Data Switch Features:

  • USB 4-Port Switch for Sharing Devices

  • Share USB devices among multiple computers!!

  • The USB Manual Switch allows up to four computers to share one USB device; or when used in conjunction with a USB hub, can share multiple USB devices. Great for setups that require multiple computers sharing a USB Cable Modem, USB printer, scanner, ZIP drive, and/or other USB peripherals.

  • To use more than one peripheral, connect a USB Hub to the Switch and then connect additional USB devices to the Hub. The selected Computers can access the peripherals you've connected.
  • USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 (high-speed tested)

  • USB 4-Port Device Controller

  • The use of four downstream Ports allows you to connect up to four USB enabled computers. Share a printer, scanner, hard drive and more by depressing one of the selector switches in the front of the device. By depressing a selector switch you activate the use of a peripheral by the computer on that switch.

  • Features Windows 98/2000/ME/XP and USB Plug & Play Compatible Mac OS 8.6+

Data Switch Advantages   Data Switch Advantages:

From experience switching cables on computers can be not only confusing but some what of of mess. The USB Data Switch eliminates the cumbersome mess by giving you the opportunity to utilize its functionality.

USB 4 port Data Switch connected to peripherals and computerExample: You have one USB port open but several peripherals that you are using such as a printer, scanner or a modem, and have to switch cables every time they are needed. One solution would be to reach in the back of the computer and accidentally disconnect the wrong cable. Another solution could be to sort the tools needed through a data switch. As seen in this example4 Port USB Data Switch front view buttons can be seen to the left, several peripherals are connected in the top row of switches and one computer connected in the bottom port which is for the PC or MAC. Let's say these two peripherals are a scanner and printer, by simply depressing the appropriate switch in the front, the tool needed becomes active and will transfer data at a high rate of speed.

This was very easy to set up. No need of special software or drivers, the USB switch acts as a go between for computers and peripherals so the connection or switching is electronically driven not software driven. This allows for easy installation and easy connections.

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4 port USb Data Switch showing Here's how it works. The switch has a port for using a type "A" USB connector and a type "B" connector. The type "B" connector port is the smaller square shaped port. Either type connector can be used, checking the USB port style on your computer or peripheral will help you determine how to configure your USB switch.

Diagram showing the setup of the usb 4 port switch
With the USB switch somewhat located between your peripherals and computers, run one USB cable from each computer to the USB Data Switch ports 1 - 4, and one USB cable from the data switch to the peripheral (s) you want to share. If it's a printer your sharing you may need to make sure the print driver is installed on both computers. Windows should recognize new hardware found, if not you can add the printer to your list of printers. Once all usb cables are connected through the data switch and any drivers needed are installed, that's it! When ready to print, just depress the port selector button and that computer now is able to share the printer.


I'm running windows XP Pro. When I connected the data switch to both computers and my printer, it was pretty easy from there. I'm using an HP Photosmart p1100 and everything was just as I was using one computer while I switched from one computer to the other to test the switch. When I depressed the port buttons activity was instantaneous as XP notified me of the connection. This USB Data Switch does exactly as it should which is allow sharing between computers, it's a great little device to ease the sharing between computers. I would certainly recommend it.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional
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